New this year: Pre-Conference for Pastors and Church Leaders

In September we will be hosting our seventh annual Ekklesia Conference at Grace Immanuel Bible Church. This year for the first time we will also host a pre-conference for pastors and church leaders! Pastor Jerry Wragg will be teaching on elder conflict, specifically on how to prevent and how to resolve conflicts among brothers in leadership. He will also address how to shepherd your leaders and your congregation through an elder defection. Each session will be followed by a forum discussion, which will provide an opportunity for you to interact with a panel of fellow pastors regarding the content from the session and the burdens in your ministries.

On Thursday night Todd Murray will be presenting Beyond Amazing Grace: A Concert Featuring the Life and Works of John Newton. Following the concert, we will enjoy an evening of fellowship dedicated to singing, praying, and ministry discussion.

We know many of you regularly attend conferences that are rich in theological content and are full of sweet fellowship. Our aim for this pre-conference is not only to equip you theologically and to fill your heart with fellowship, but also to provide an environment that is equally rich in heart-probing discussions, implication-driven thinking, and prayerful applications of that pastoral theology. We would like to extend a personal invitation to you and your leadership team to join us for this pre-conference which will run from Wednesday evening through Friday at noon, the day the main conference begins.


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